The Forum

The Global Forum on Innovations for Marginal Environments is organized in view of enormous impact of soil and water salinization and climate change on ecosystems, agricultural productivity, livelihoods and food security worldwide. It is important to clearly map the marginal areas already afflicted by salinity, poor quality water, very high temperature posing risks on a global scale and develop and implement the adaptation and mitigation strategies with robust policy support to effectively and efficiently address the adverse effects.

The forum will look at the progress that has been made in combating a wide range of threats in marginal environments through crop adaptation and management at national, regional and global levels. The deliberations and discussions on potential practices and policies on management will benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including scientists, policymakers and experts.

The forum will serve as a platform for exchange of knowledge on the latest advances in research and innovation for agriculture and food production in marginal environments.

The forum will have the following broad objectives:

  • Analyze and assess the current scale and impact of various abiotic stresses in marginal environments;
  • Share examples of successful strategies, policies, measures, projects and case studies to adapt to harsh environmental conditions around the world in view of current and future climate change scenarios;
  • Form linkages and partnerships between various national, regional and international initiatives targeting marginal environments;
  • Facilitate dialogue between policymakers, donor and development agencies, scientists and experts.