The forum will serve as a platform for exchange of knowledge on the latest advances in research and innovation for agriculture and food production in marginal environments.

Agribusiness leaders in food, feed and biofuel, together with local and regional farmers will gain insight into the changing economic and environmental factors critically impacting their businesses and opportunities over the next few years. This will allow them to align with policy changes and projects and mitigate risk and financial losses caused by climate impact resources. 

Sessions of interest will focus on:

  • How climate change influence on ecosystems will impact agribusiness, food producers and farmers across the entire value chain
  • What government action and policy changes are business opportunity
  • The biggest threats to staple crops
  • Exploiting underutilized crops that are resistant to stress and climate
  • More efficient use of land and water resources to lower both cost and risk
  • Technology enabling more real time understanding of the entire value chain, from farm to fork