1. Ticket Category

All eligibility for pricing categories are subject to final approval by ICBA. ICBA reserves the right to make a final decision on an individual's eligibility for nominated category, which may include category and cost correction for those attendees who are unable to adequately prove their professional affiliation to a nominated category.


For the purposes of GFIME, delegate eligibility is available to ICBA recognized:

  • Government entities
  • Research institutes
  • Farmers
  • Core agribusinesses producing food
  • Development and aid agencies


For the purposes of GFIME, student eligibility is available to ICBA recognized students of universities and tertiary institutions who can prove:

  • Student status with the institution in 2019/2020 academic year
  • Minimum age 18yrs old at the time of GFIME


For the purposes of GFIME, supplier category eligibility is available to any organisations not eligible for ICBA designated 'Delegate' or 'Student' ticketing category. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors and service providers of agriculture:
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Machinery
    • Parts
    • Seeds
    • Chemicals


Limited Media Passes at no charge will be made available to recognized, relevant media entities, publications, portals and networks, at the discretion of ICBA.

For more information; please contact the team through the contact form on the GFIME website.

2. Ticket Pricing

Pricing Requirements

All tickets are subject to pricing as of the DATE OF PAYMENT not the date of registration. Should an attendee register to attend prior to full payment of the ticket price, the ticket will be subject to the pricing available ON THE DATE OF PAYMENT for the relevant category – not the date of prior registration.

3. Discounts

Group Discounts

Your team may be eligible for a Group Booking discount when you register and pay for 5 or more delegates from the same organization at the same time.

For details, please email the team at m.luisa@biosaline.org.ae

Partner Discounts

To avail a discount through one of our partners, please do not forget to include the unique discount code at time of registration and payment. No discounts can be applied after registration.

4. Payment Options and Terms

Online Payment 

We accept only the following debit/credit cards: Visa and Mastercard

Please note that the full amount will be charged to your debit/credit card at the time of purchase. 

Confirmation: Your registration on your delegate profile will reflect paid status immediately after the payment is accepted. Once the payment status changes to paid, you will be able to download a receipt in PDF with all details. 

Should you require additional information for your organization’s internal invoicing purposes, please contact Ms. Alice Soliman at a.soliman@biosaline.org.ae with "GFIME - Invoicing Request" in the subject line. 

Wire Transfers 

You must first register on the GFIME website and select “Wire Transfer” as your preferred payment method. You will receive an invoice number to quote during your wire transfer. 

To complete your registration and secure your place, please pay your registration fee in USD using the bank details below. 

Please note that you must also pay any bank transaction charges and the exact amount must be received to avoid any delays in registration. 

Please also note that we encourage delegates to make payments by debit/credit card as wire transfers may incur additional correspondent bank charges. 

Please include the invoice number in the transaction details. 

Account Name: International Center for Biosaline Agriculture 

Address: P.O. Box 14660, Al Ruwayah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

USD Account Number: 1022059061102 

Bank Name: Emirates NBD 

Bank Branch Address: Nadd Al Sheba Branch, P.O. Box 777, Dubai, UAE 


IBAN: AE620260001022059061102 

Confirmation: Your registration status will be changed to paid on your delegate profile once the full amount is received in the account above. Please allow for up to 3 business days for this process to be completed. 

Pricing: Your registration fee must be fully paid at the time of any discount expiry. Please note that wire transfers may take time and be received with delay. ICBA cannot be held accountable for the difference in registration fees received after the discount deadlines have lapsed. You may be liable to pay the difference should your wire transfer arrive after the discounts have expired. 

Note: Once you complete your wire transfer, please update your delegate profile with the invoice number so that our finance team can effectively track the status of your payment. 


Unfortunately, we are not able to accept any payments via PayPal.  

Onsite Payment 

Onsite payment will be accepted by cash and debit/credit card only. 

Access to the event, even for registered delegates, will be restricted until the full payment is made. 

Onsite payment is subject to the pricing information presented on the website. No discounts are available. 

5. Refund & Exchange Policy


0% refund – Within 30 days of the event; on or after 20 October 2019.

50% refund – Before 11:59pm 19th October 2019.


No exchanges with 7 days of the event; on or after 12 November 2019

Exchanges more than 7 days PRIOR to the event can be made ONLY FOR:

  • Colleagues from the same institution
  • A ticket within the same category.