Themes and Priorities

The forum will be structured around the following themes:

  • Analysis and assessment of environmental, social and economic impact of abiotic stresses in marginal environments;
  • Current best practices for adaptation to and mitigation of salinity, drought and heat, and poor quality water in marginal environments;
  • Solutions to increase utility of salt-affected soil and water resources in food, feed and biofuel production;
  • Policies and strategies to promote and encourage adoption of best practices, suitable approaches, technologies and crops among farmers and other natural resource users.


  1. Salinity management and innovative monitoring technologies;
  2. Sustainable use of natural resources from field to watershed level;
  3. Climate change downscaling and forecasting;
  4. Harnessing crop diversity involving conventional and non-conventional breeding approaches;
  5. Novel biotechnological tools and applications;
  6. Fodder insecurity and alternate land uses;
  7. Aquaculture production systems for saline areas;
  8. Precision agriculture;
  9. Gender equality and socio-economic studies for different regions;
  10. Policies defining ecological/environmental services.

Outputs and Results

The forum is expected to produce the following outputs and results:

  • A summary report on the current scale and impact of abiotic stresses in different areas;
  • New linkages and partnerships between various national, regional and international initiatives targeting marginal environments.