GFIME will cover a very broad range of ideas and subjects. Delegates will have an opportunity to attend sessions focusing on policy, business, technology and science. 

To cater to delegates’ specific interests, the forum will be divided into two programs. 

Main Program

This program will feature sessions on business, policy and technology, including presentations, panel discussions and debates under four themes:  

  • Food security: crop diversity and nutrition, gender mainstreaming, agri-finance 
  • Climate impact: natural resources management, climate-smart agriculture 
  • Sustainability: circularity, clean energy, carbon and chemical footprint reduction 
  • Innovation: disruptive technology, investment, ecosystem development, controlled environment agriculture 

Scientific Program

This program will feature scientific sessions, including presentation of research papers in two parallel streams: Adaptation and Mitigation. Each stream will cover three themes: 

Stream A – Adaptation 

  •   Management of marginal environments 
  •   Sustainable natural resources management 
  •  Climate change impacts on agriculture 

Stream B - Mitigation 

  •  Crop diversification and improvement 
  •  Novel biotechnological approaches 
  •  Climate-smart agriculture for food security 


GFIME will also feature workshops running for 2.5-3 hours to offer an in-depth insight into sub-industries critical to food security, climate impact, sustainability and innovation including: 

  • Biofuel 
  • Feed 
  • Aquaculture  
  • Water  
  • Nutrition 
  • Salinity